The year is 4269. Humans are slaves to a race of Artificial Intelligence. They live on the Planet X-B31. The humans main purpose on this pure rock and metal planet is to mine precious metals for the AI super race. The rarest item a human can possess is a single blade of grass. If they are able to find 2 blades of grass, they can buy their freedom.


X-B31 is now a FREE MINT until sold out!
Only 2222 total available!

While using a browser-based wallet (ie: MetaMask), click "Connect Wallet" below to prepare to mint!

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X-B31 NFTs are FREE!
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WAGMI is the EtherGrass community token and organically supports our eco-system. It is a tipping utility that employs the popular "WAGMI" Internet meme, and features a unique logo. A verified smart contract token, based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), WAGMI is utilized for community rewards, NFT trades across markets and technological advancement. WAGMI's token contract was created on November 3, 2021, with a capped supply of 31 million tokens. You can buy or sell WAGMI via PancakeSwap on BSC. More information about WAGMI token is available at

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